About Us

Munawara is a family owned business rooted in redefining modest fashion that is affordable and sold at an excellent grade.  We as muslims are trying our best to get closer to our creator, our brand creates a space for all of us to enjoice in islamic principles and incorporate it into our daily lives.  We at Munnawar understand the struggle for diversity when it comes to fashion and use this as a segway when choosing what to sell, and how to sell it. 

Our Mission

MUN-AWARA is an Arabic word meaning illuminated and lighted. This word can be easily ascribed to our brand which focuses on showcasing modest fashion.  Our goal is to provide quality services that create an immersive experience for our customers. We are more than just a purchase , we look to transform our customers' outlook on pursuing modest, accessible fashion in greater new york. We source our products with precision and genuine care for our consumers. Making sure to provide top notch quality, is an understatement for MUNNAWAR.